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  Journals and books in other Czech libraries

  • Check our books, printed journals or e-resources.
    • If you do not succeed to find the information you need, than you can try search in other libraries !!!
  • If you want help with searching book or journal ask us.
  • Documents from other libraries may be available through:
    • the Interlibrary loan services (ILL):
      • is a service through which our users can obtain materials (books, articles, and more) from other Czech or foreign libraries - more about service.
    • or you can visit another library in person
      • directory of some Czech libraries (only in Czech)
      • ADR Database - Libraries & Information Centres in the Czech Republic
        • database contains location code of library, basic information, address, phone numbers, e-mail and URLs of the library (in administration by the National Library of the CR)
      • or similar database of Czech libraries in the National Medical Library of the CR
      • Notice: Czech libraries are marked with a special code in these databases (ABB022 is our library e.g.). - "sigla".

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