Laboratory of Microbial Genetics

and Gene Expression

Institute of Microbiology, Czech Academy of Sciences


Libor Krásný

Figure: A model of the promoter -5 position nucleotides and their possible interactions with B. subtilis RNAP PubMed1. The -5 position is important for promoter regulation by the concentration of the initiating nucleoside triphosphate PubMed2, PubMed3 that in Gram positive bacteria depends also on the delta subunit PubMed4, PubMed5. This regulation is pivotal for rapid changes in gene expression and, hence, for rapid adaptation of the cell to changing environment and its competitive fitness PubMed6. A recent discovery shows that in addition to iNTPs, other molecules, such as coenzymes NAD+ and dpCoA, can initiate transcription and this subsequently alters the properties of the RNA PubMed7.


Ivan Barvík (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
Cuiran Condon (Institute de Biologie Physico Chimque, Paris, France)
Jan Dohnálek (Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Prague, Czech Republic)
Michal Hocek (Institute of Org Chem & Biochem, Prague, Czech Republic)
Hans Peter Hochmann & Zoltán Pragai (DSM Nutritionals, Basel, Switzerland)
Tomáš Látal (TRIOS Ltd., Olomouc, Czech Republic)
Peter Lewis (Newcastle, Australia)
Bryce Nickels (Rutgers University, USA)
Philipe Noirot & Olivier Delumeau (INRA, Joy-en-Josas, France)
Dominik Rejman (Institute of Org Chem & Biochem, Prague, Czech Republic)
Lukáš Žídek (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)