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oCellaris - usefull SW to analyse pH and stress granules in yeast


Jiří Hašek, PhD. (head) hasek [at] +420 241 062 503
Pavla Binarová, PhD., binarova [at] +420 241 062 130
Libuše Váchová, PhD., vachova [at] +420 325 873 929
Jana Vojtová, PhD. jana.vojtova [at] +420 241 062 504
Otakar Hlaváček, PhD. hlavacek [at] +420 325 873 601
Stanislava Rešetárová, PhD. resetarova [at] +420 241 062 504
Lucie Trögelová (Kohoutová), PhD. troglova [at] (maternity leave) +420 241 062 130
Jana Chumová, PhD. chumova [at] +420 241 062 130
Hana Kourová, PhD. kourova [at] +420 241 062 130
Pavla Novotná (PhD student) pavla.novotna [at] +420 325 873 601
Michaela Humpálová, MSc. (asistent) martina.pavlickova [at] +420 325 873 601
Michaela Zázvorková, MSc. (asistent) michaela.zazvorkova [at] +420 325 873 601
Lenka Nováková, MSc. (asistent) lenkan [at] +420 241 062 590
Danuša Hašková, MSc. (asistent) danusa.haskova [at] +420 241 062 590
Alexandra Pokorná(technician) pokorna [at] +420 325 873 601


i) Stress response
ii) Cytoskeleton
iii) Cell communities.


The laboratory is focused on the analysis of the spatial control and the dynamics of gene expression and proteostasis in eukaryotic cells, specifically in response to stress and aging.

The scientific topics of the laboratory are the following:

1.Protein quality control, autophagy, cell vitality, cell aging, and apoptosis as affected by genetic factors, environmental and intracellular stressors like heat, toxins, radiation, chemicals, reactive oxygen, and nitrogen species. Studies of the dynamics of the stress response, onset and course of apoptosis. Studies of the effect of different stresses on membrane structure. Studies are performed in liquid cultures of wild-type or mutant cells, and also in the context of multicellular cell communities (giant colonies).

2.Regulatory functions of cytoskeleton under physiological and stress conditions and in aging. Study of gamma-tubulin functions in connecting nuclei organization with cytoskeleton dynamics in dividing and differentiated cells. Study of actin dynamics in cell division and differentiation. To analyze the expression of specific proteins of interest and changes in their behavior and distribution we construct various wild-type or mutant versions of protein fusions with GFP, mRFP, mCherry, yTagRFP-T and ymTagBFP from their chromosomal sites or from plasmids in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Arabidopsis thaliana. The yeast cells and plant cell lines are used in live-cell imaging, biochemical and proteomics studies.  

2017 - Prague - 28th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology


The projects are financially supported by the following institutions:
Czech Science Foundation: 16-05497S (JH), P501 15-11657S (PB)


NICHD NIH, Bethesda, USA (Dr. A. Hinnebusch)
University of Salzburg, Austria (Prof. M. Breitenbach, Dr. M. Rinnerthaler)
St John's University, New York, USA (Dr. Ales Vancura)
University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA (Dr. Clyde L.Denis)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden (G. Daniel)
University of London, UK (L. Bögre)
Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary (T. Mészáros)


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