Phone book

Due to the GDPR legislation, personal contact information can be found at the websites of the individual institutes:
Institute of Microbiology
Institute of Physiology
Institute of Experimental Medicine
Institute of Experimental Botany
Institute of Molecular Genetics
Institute of Biotechnology
Institute of Analytical Chemistry
Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics

Essential phone numbers for the Complex:

Fire Rescue Service150


Emergency medical services155

Prefix 1296 44 + extension

Prefix 2241 06 + extension

Main gatehouse, fire alarm station2312

Rear gatehouse2261

General practitioner2317


PA2111, 2112

Mail room2404

Scientific Library2414

Labor union library2210

Cafeteria, grocery2216

Complex administration contacts:


Ľubica Šťastná2221

Maintenance Manager

Zdeněk Nejedlý2213

Head of complex administration

Pavel Sobotka2220

Institute of Microbiology

Director: Jiri Hasek, Ing,CSc
Deputy Director: Jiří Gabriel, PhD,DSc
Secretary: (420)296442341, Fax: (420)244471286

Institute of Physiology

Director: Jan Kopecký, M.D., D.Sc.
Deputy Director: Assoc. Prof. Ladislav Vyklický, M.D., D.Sc.
Secretary: (420)296442424, Fax: (420)296442488

Institute of Experimental Medicine

Director: Miroslava Anděrová, Ing, CSc
Deputy Director: Jan Malínský, doc, RNDr, PhD
Secretary: (420)296442230, Fax: (420)296442782

Institute of Experimental Botany (detached department)

Director: Martin Vagner, PhD,CSc
Deputy Director: Jan Martinec, PhD,CSc
Secretary: (420)225106455, 225106473

Guidelines to use campus computer network equipment in the domain

Institute of Molecular Genetics

Director: Petr Dráber, RNDr, CSc
Deputy Director: Vladimír Kořínek, RNDr, CSc
Secretary: (420)241062468, Fax: (420)24106214

Institute of Biotechnology

Director: Jana Pěknicová, PhD
Secretary: Klára Knížková (420)296443610

Institute of Analytical Chemistry(detached department)

Director: František Foret, Ing, CSc, DSc
Deputy Director: Ludmila Křivánková, prof, RNDr, CSc
Secretary: (420)532290182

Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics (detached department)

Director: Ing. Jan Kopečný, PhD,DSc
Deputy Director: Michal Kubelka, Ing
Contacts: Liběchov Praha, Brno