Physiol. Res. 49: 703-710, 2000

Recovery of Peripheral Blood Cells in Irradiated Mice Pretreated With Bacterial Extract IRS-19


Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science, Šafárik University, Košice, Slovak Republic

Received October 18, 1999
Accepted January 21, 2000

The effect of antigenic bacterial lysate IRS-19 on the recovery of blood cells was studied in mice injured by a single dose of 7 Gy irradiation. The preirradiation administration of IRS-19 accelerated the recovery of leukocytes, reticulocytes and platelets in peripheral blood. The recovery of leukocytes 9-14 days after irradiation in protected animals was accompanied by a higher level of band forms of granulocytes as well as activated lymphoid and monocytoid cells.

Key words
IRS-19 · Irradiation · Hematopoiesis · Radioprotection

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