Physiol. Res. 52: 311-317, 2003

Electrocardiographic Dose-Dependent Changes in Prophylactic Doses of Dosulepine, Lithium and Citalopram


1Department of Psychiatry, and 2Institute of Physiology, First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Received  July 23, 2002
Accepted October, 9, 2002

Tricyclic antidepressant drugs dosulepine (TCA), serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and prophylactic agent with antidepressant effect lithium carbonicum (Li) have different cardiovascular side-effects. We compared them in the prophylactic therapy of periodic affective disorder in remission with TCA, SSRI and Li. Our previous papers confirmed the most prominent effects of heart electric field parameters in TCA patients (Slavíček et al. 1998). In the present work we studied for the first time the dose-dependent changes of ECG, body surface potential maps (BSPM – parameter DIAM 30, 40) in 43 TCA dosulepine, 40 SSRI citalopram and 30 Li outpatients (Hamilton scale: HAMD£10; age 40±5 years; treated for depressive disorders or bipolar disorders). The daily doses of dosulepine were 50-250 mg, citalopram 20-80 mg, Li plasma levels 0.66±0.08 meq/l. The electrocardiogram (ECG), vectorcardiogram (VCG), and BSPM were measured and calculated by the Cardiag 112.1 diagnostic system. The results have shown a relation between the dose of dosulepine and extremum (maximum and minimum) of depolarization isoarea map in dosulepine, but not in citalopram patients. The repolarization BSPM changes were most pronounced in SSRI patients. Lithium in long-term prophylaxy (1-22 years) caused only minimal ECG BSPM changes. The present results correspond with our previous observations.

Key words
ECG • Body surface potential maps • Dosulepine • Citalopram • Dose-dependent changes • Lithium • Prophylactic doses

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