Physiol. Res. 55: 221-225, 2006

Levels of Myosin Heavy Chain mRNA Transcripts and Content of Protein Isoforms in the Slow Soleus Muscle of 7 month-old Rats with Altered Thyroid Status


Institute of Physiology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic and 1Institute of Molecular Physiology and Genetics, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Received September 15, 2005
Accepted December 22, 2005

Skeletal muscles of small rodents contain four main fiber types, namely type 1, 2A, 2X/D and 2B fibers containing myosin heavy chain (MyHC) 1, 2a, 2x/d and 2b isoforms. Each of these MyHC isoforms is the product of a distinct gene and their expression is believed to be primarily transcriptionally controlled. In most rat muscles, messenger RNA (mRNA) transcripts for MyHC1, 2a, 2x/d and 2b and their corresponding protein products were found with the exception of the soleus muscle, where typically only MyHC1 and 2a transcripts and protein isoforms were demonstrated under normal conditions. Here we show the expression of all four MyHC1, 2a, 2x/d and 2b mRNA transcripts in the soleus muscle under normal conditions in euthyroid, as well as in experimental hypothyroid and hyperthyroid (with the exception of 2b MyHC transcript) 7-month-old female inbred Lewis rats. This is not matched, however, by the appearance of corresponding four isoforms, as we have found that 2x/d and 2b protein isoforms are not present at levels detectable by SDS-PAGE. We also show that the chronic hypothyroid and hyperthyroid status affects the expression of MyHC isoforms both at the mRNA and protein levels.

Key words
Rat soleus muscle • Myosin heavy chains • mRNA transcripts • Thyroid hormones • SDS-PAGE and RT-PCR

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