CNS*2019 Workshop on

Methods of Information Theory in Computational Neuroscience

July 16-17, 2019, Barcelona, Spain


Methods originally developed in Information Theory have found wide applicability in computational neuroscience. Beyond these original methods there is a need to develop novel tools and approaches that are driven by problems arising in neuroscience.

A number of researchers in computational/systems neuroscience and in information/communication theory are investigating problems of information representation and processing. While the goals are often the same, these researchers bring different perspectives and points of view to a common set of neuroscience problems. Often they participate in different fora and their interaction is limited.

The goal of the workshop is to bring some of these researchers together to discuss challenges posed by neuroscience and to exchange ideas and present their latest work.

The workshop is targeted towards computational and systems neuroscientists with interest in methods of information theory as well as information/communication theorists with interest in neuroscience.

Organising Committee

  • Lubomir Kostal (chair), Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
  • Joseph T. Lizier, The University of Sydney,
  • Viola Priesemann, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-organisation,
  • Justin Dauwels, Nanyang Technological University,
  • Taro Toyoizumi, RIKEN Center for Brain Science,
  • Michael Wibral, Goethe University, Frankfurt,
  • Adria Tauste, BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center

  • Location and Registration

    The workshop will be held as a part of the wider CNS*2019 meeting in Barcelona, Spain. Please see the CNS*2019 website for registration to the workshops (this is required to attend).

    More information about the meeting venue will be posted soon.


    Julijana Gjorgjieva, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt
    Takyua Isomura, RIKEN Center for Brain Science
    Renaud Jolivet, University of Geneva
    Lubomir Kostal, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
    David Kappel, Georg-August University, Goettingen
    Wiktor Mlynarski, Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Vienna
    Adria Tauste, BarcelonaBeta Brain Research Center
    Raoul Vicente, Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu
    Michael Wibral, Georg-August University, Goettingen

    Call for Short Talks

    In addition to our invited speakers, we will issue a call for short talks (25 min + 5 min) in May-June. If you would like to be notified when the call is made, please email Lubomir Kostal (


    The workshop consist of three half-day sessions: (1) morning of July 16, (2) morning and (3) afternoon of July 17. The format is 45 minutes for long talks and 30 minutes for short talks, including the discussion.

    Note that the main CNS meeting will conclude on July 16, with a keynote lecture and a poster session taking place in the afternoon.

    More details will be posted soon.


    (To appear.)


    We thank the Entropy journal for sponsoring our Best Presentation Award for Early Career Researchers.

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