Martin Zápotocký

Institute of Physiology
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Videnska 1083
14220 Prague 4, Czech Republic

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Selected publications:

S. Chakraborty, J. Bartussek, S. N. Fry, M. Zapotocky:
Independently controlled wing stroke patterns in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.
PLOS ONE 10(2): e0116813 (2015).
(see also the related data and code at figshare)

J. Bartussek, A. K. Mutlu, M. Zapotocky, S. N. Fry:
Limit-cycle-based control of the myogenic wingbeat rhythm in the fruit fly Drosophila.
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10, 20121013 (2013).

D. Chaudhuri, P. Borowski, M. Zapotocky:
Model of fasciculation and sorting in mixed populations of axons.
Physical Review E 84, article 021908 (2011).

J. Reidl, P. Borowski, A. Sensse, J. Starke, M. Zapotocky, M. Eiswirth:

Model of calcium oscillations due to negative feedback in olfactory cilia.
Biophysical Journal 90, 1147-1155 (2006).

A.Vassalli,  A. Rothman,  P. Feinstein,  M. Zapotocky,  P. Mombaerts:
Minigenes impart odorant receptor-specific axon guidance in the olfactory bulb.
Neuron 35, 681-696 (2002).

N. Rajewsky, N. D. Socci, M. Zapotocky,  E. D. Siggia:
The evolution of DNA regulatory regions for proteo-gamma bacteria by interspecies comparisons.
Genome Research 12, 298-308 (2002).

M. Zapotocky,  L. Ramos,  P. Poulin,  D. A. Weitz, T. C. Lubensky:
Particle-stabilized defect gel in cholesteric liquid crystals.
Science 283, 209-212 (1999).

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Previous institutions (since PhD):

Department of Biological Physics,
Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden
2002 - 2008
Center for Studies in Physics and Biology,
Rockefeller University, New York
1999 - 2002
Department of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
1996 - 1999