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Seminář Farahdokht Nourisanami, M.Sc.

Posluchárna Milana Haška / Milan Hašek Auditorium

“Molecular mechanisms of proteoglycan-mediated semaphorin signaling in axon guidance” The precise assembly of a functional nervous system relies on axon guidance cues. Beyond engaging their cognate receptors and initiating signaling…

IEM CAS Distinguished Guest Seminar Series – Cyril Hanus

The dendrite’s sweet spot: Atypical glycosylation of the neuronal surface and impact on synaptic receptor trafficking, structure and function Lecturer: Cyril Hanus, PhD. / The Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris The…

IEM CAS μLectures Seminar Series: Confocal Microscopy

μLectures is a monthly seminar series designed to enhance researchers’ understanding of microscopy’s fundamental workings and principles. Each session, lasting 30 minutes, focuses on a specific concept or topic within…

IEM CAS Entry Level Super-Resolution Microscopy

Basic Information The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of an “entry-level” super-resolution imaging methods based on the principle of Optical-Photon-Reassignment available in our facility at confocal microscopes Zeiss LSM880 with…