Volume 41, Issue 3, 1992


Original Articles

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 173-190, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Morphometric analysis of coated vesicles in developing rat muscle spindles.
    H. Stephens, J.M. Walro, J. Kucera (Dept. Neurol., School Med., Boston Univ., Boston, USA)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 191-200, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)  

    Voltammetrically determined differences in changes evoked by KCL microinjections on catecholamine levels in the reticular formation and corpus striatum of the rat.
    J. Pavlásek, C. Mašánová, P. Bielik, K. Murgaš (Inst. Norm. Path. Physiol., Slovak Acad. Sci., Bratislava, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 201-206, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Vestibular system galvanization in man: the effect of stimulation field changes on the angle of body mass centre displacement.
    V. Mihalik (Inst. Norm. Pathol., Physiol., Slovak Acad. Sci., Bratislava, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 207-212, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Different degrees of lipid peroxidation in the CNS of young and adult rats exposed to short-term hypobaric hypoxia.
    J. Koudelová, J. Mourek (Inst. Physiol., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Prague, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 213-219, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Alpha2-adrenoceptor control of ion and water transport in the newt renal distal tubule.
    O.A. Goncharevskaya, Yu.G. Monin (Inst. Evolut. Physiol. Biochem., Russian Acad. Sci., St. Petersburg, Russia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 221-225, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Transformation of blood monocytes to multinucleated giant cells in vitro: Are there any differences between malignant and nonmalignant states?
    M. Munzarová, D. Zemanová (Dept. Immunol. Tissue Cells, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Inst., Brno, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 227-236, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    The human thermoregulation range within the neutral zone.
    M.V. Jokl, P. Moos, J. Štverák (Fac. Building Sci., Prague, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 237-241, 1992;  Full version (PDF file) 

    Contribution of the problems of volume parameters of the left heart ventricle of patients with ischaemic heart disease.
    A. Vosečková, H. Weisbauerová, J. Šístek (Dept. Physiol., Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 243-249, 1992;  Full version (PDF file) 

    Age dependence of the utilization of different quality proteins in animal experiments.
    M. Krajčovičová-Kudláčková (Res. Inst. Nutr., Bratislava, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 251-255, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Comparison of two approaches to measurement of electrical impedance of glass microelectrodes designed for evaluation of temperature changes in biological tissues.
    F. Rech, I. Dittert, F. Vyskočil (Inst. Physiol., Czechoslov. Acad. Sci., Prague, Czechoslovakia)

    Short Communication

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 257-260, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Effect of short-term ethanol intake on antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) in rats.
    M. Sabol, E. Paulíková (Dept. Animal Physiol., Fac. Sci., Šafárik Univ., Košice, Czechoslovakia)

  • Physiol. Res. 41: 261-262, 1992;  Full version (PDF file)

    Effect of tubocurarine on the central generator of embryonic spontaneous motility.
    J. Sedláček (Inst. Physiol., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Prague, Czechoslovakia)

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