Volume 59, Issue 2, 2010



Physiol. Res. 59: 147-156, 2010  doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931585 Full version (PDF file)

Glycotoxines, carbonyl stress and relevance to diabetes and its complications

Z. Turk (Vuk Vrhovac Univ. Clin. Diabet., Zagreb, Croatia)

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Physiol. Res. 59: 157-163, 2010  doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931991 Full version (PDF file)

Holism and life manifestations: molecular and space-time biology

J. Křeček
(Inst. Physiol. Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Prague, Czech Republic)

Original Articles

Physiol. Res. 59: 165-175, 2010    doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931649  Full version (PDF file)

Physical exercise-induced cardiovascular adjustments are modulated by muscarinic cholinoceptors within the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus

S. P. Wanner, J. B. Guimarães, W. Pires, R. B. La Guardia, A. S. Haibara, U. Marubayashi, C. C. Coimbra, N. R. V. Lima
(Exercise Physiol. Lab., Sch. Physical Educ., Physiother., Occup. Therapy, Fed. Univ. Minas Gerais, Minas Gerais, Brazil)


Physiol. Res. 59: 177-185, 2010  doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931623   Full version (PDF file)

Effects of anserine on the renal sympathetic nerve activity and blood pressure in urethane-anesthetized rats

M. Tanida, J. Shen, D. Kubomura, K. Nagai
(Coll. Life Sci., Ritsumeikan Univ., Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan)

Physiol. Res. 59: 187-194, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931746   Full version (PDF file)

Vasorelaxing action of vasonatrin peptide is associated with activation of large-conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle cells

J. Yu, M. Zhu, Z. Fu, X. Zhu, Y. Zhao, B. Chen
(Dept. Radiol., Tangdu Hosp., Fourth Military Med. Univ., Xi’an, Shaanxi, China)

Physiol. Res. 59: 195-201, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931720   Full version (PDF file)

Spinal cord injury blunted effects of endothelin-1 on Ca2+ transients and calcium current in isolated rat cardiomyocytes

Y.-F. Guo, A.-J. Ren, D.-Y. Chen, W. Yuan, Y. Chen, S.-H. Gou,
L.-S. Jia, W.-J. Yuan, Y. Liu
(Dept. Orthoped., Changzheng Hosp., Second Military Med. Univ., Shanghai, China)

Physiol. Res. 59: 203-209, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931715   Full version (PDF file)

ECG body surface mapping changes in type 1 diabetic patients with and without autonomic neuropathy

S. Palová, K. Szabo, J. Charvát, J. Slavíček, E. Medová, M. Mlček, O. Kittnar
(Inst. Physiol., First Med. Fac., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)

Physiol. Res. 59: 211-224, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931807  Full version (PDF file)

Is maternal progesterone actually independent of the fetal steroids?

M. Hill, A. Pařízek, J. E. Jirásek, M. Jirkovská, M. Velíková, M. Dušková, M. Klímková, A. Pašková, Z. Žižka, A. Germanová, M. Koucký, M. Kalousová, L. Stárka
(Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

Physiol. Res. 59: 225-232, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931744   Full version (PDF file)

Glutathione reductase is inhibited by acetaminophen-glutathione conjugate in vitro

T. Roušar, P. Pařík, O. Kučera, M. Bartoš, Z. Červinková
(Dept. Physiol., Fac. Med. Hradec Králové, Charles Univ. Prague, Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)

Physiol. Res. 59: 233-238, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931753   Full version (PDF file)

Regulation of diurnal variation of cholesterol 7α-hydroxylase (CYP7A1) activity in healthy subjects

J. Kovář, M. Leníček, M. Zimolová, L. Vítek, M. Jirsa, J. Piťha
(Inst. Clin. Exp. Med., Prague, Czech Republic)

Physiol. Res. 59: 239-245, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931774   Full version (PDF file)

Integration of the thiol redox status with cytokine response to physical training in professional basketball players

A. Zembron-Lacny, M. Slowinska-Lisowska, A. Ziemba
(Univ. Physic. Educ. Poznan, Fac. Physic. Culture, Gorzow Wlkp.,Dept. Biochem., Gorzow Wlkp., Poland)

Physiol. Res. 59: 247-253, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931732  Full version (PDF file)

Surface modification of cyclic olefin copolymers for osteochondral defect repair can increase pro-destructive potential of human chondrocytes in vitro

M. Polanská, H. Hulejová, M. Petrtýl, Z. Bastl, I. Spirovová, Z. Kruliš, Z. Horák, D. Veigl, L. Šenolt
(Inst. Rheumatol., First Med. Fac., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)

Physiol. Res. 59: 255-262, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931739   Full version (PDF file)

Orexins activates protein kinase C-mediated Ca2+ signaling in isolated rat primary sensory neurons

M. Ozcan, A. Ayar, I. Serhatlioglu, E. Alcin, Z. Sahin, H. Kelestimur
(Karadeniz Techn. Univ., Fac. Med., Dept. Physiol., Trabzon, Turkey)

Physiol. Res. 59: 263-271, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931756   Full version (PDF file)

Quetiapine ameliorates anxiety-like behavior and cognitive impairments in stressed rats: implications for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder

H.-N. Wang, Y. Peng, Q.-R. Tan, Y.-C. Chen, R.-G. Zhang, Y.-T. Qiao, H.-H. Wang, L. Liu, F. Kuang, B.-R. Wang, Z.-J. Zhang
(Dept. Psychiat., Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Med. Univ., Xi’an, Shaanxi, China)

Physiol. Res. 59: 273-280, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931617   Full version (PDF file)

Rebound bursts in GABAergic neurons of the thalamic reticular nucleus in postnatal mice

X. Wang, G. Yu, X. Hou, J. Zhou, B. Yang, L. Zhang
(Dept. Neurol., First Clin. Coll., Harbin Med. Univ., Harbin, Heilongjiang, China)

Physiol. Res. 59: 281-287, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931704   Full version (PDF file)

Increased expression of erythropoietin receptor in 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1, 2, 3, 6-tetrahydro-pyridine-induced Parkinsonian model

Y. Wu, X. Sun, X. Feng, R. Liu, L. Huang, Y. Shang, Z. Liang, J. Chen, X. Qiao, C. Liu, S. Sun
(Dept. Neurol., Union Hosp., Tongji Med. Coll., Huazhong Univ. Sci. Technol., Wuhan, China)

Physiol. Res. 59: 289-298, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931658   Full version (PDF file)

Substance MCS-18 isolated from Helleborus purpurascens is a potent antagonist of the capsaicin receptor, TRPV1, in rat cultured sensory neurons
C. Neacsu, C. Ciobanu, I. Barbu, O. Toader, G. Szegli, F. Kerek, A. Babes
(Dept. Physiol. Biophys., Fac. Biol., Univ. Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania)

Short Communications

Physiol. Res. 59: 299-303, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931714   Full version (PDF file)

Macrophages are novel sites of expression and regulation of retinol binding protein-4 (RBP4)

M. Broch, R. Ramírez, M. T. Auguet, M. J. Alcaide, C. Aguilar, A. Garcia-España, C. Richart
(Res. Unit, Univ. Hosp. Tarragona Joan XXIII, Tarragona, Spain)

Physiol. Res. 59: 305-308, 2010; doi: 10.33549/physiolres.931754   Full version (PDF file)

Anticonvulsant action of a new analogue of allopregnanolone in immature rats

P. Mareš, H. Kubová, A. Kasal
(Inst. Physiol., Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Prague, Czech Republic)


Physiol. Res. 59: 13P-34P, 2010   Full version (PDF file)

Proceedings of the Czech and Slovak Physiological Societies, February 9 - 11, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic


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