Volume 60, Issue 2, 2011



  • Physiol. Res. 60: i-ii, 2011 Full version (PDF file)

  • Jiří Pařízek in memoriam after 20 years (1928 – 1991)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: iii-iv, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Professor Luboslav Stárka – a brief history of a pioneer scientist, physician and manager

    Reviews and articles dedicated to Professor Luboslav Stárka

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 207-215, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    TRH-like peptides.
    R. Bílek, M. Bičíková, L. Šafařík
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 217-223, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Antimüllerian hormone (AMH) not only a marker for prediction of ovarian reserve.
    R. Hampl, M. Šnajderová, T. Mardešić
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 225-241, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Reduced progesterone metabolites in human late pregnancy.
    M. Hill, A. Pařízek, R. Kancheva, J. E. Jirásek
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic, Dept. Obstetrics Gynecol. First Fac. Med. Gen. Teach. Hosp., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 243-252, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Hyperandrogenic states in pregnancy.
    N. Kaňová and M. Bičíková
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 253-261, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    The role of non-aromatizable testosterone metabolite in metabolic pathways.
    M. Dušková, H. Pospíšilová
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 263-270, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Evaluation of hepatic 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity by cortisone acetate test in young adults with diabetes mellitus type 1.
    K. Šimůnková, R. Hampl, M. Hill, L. Kříž, J. Vrbíková, H. Kvasničková, K. Vondra
    (Inst. Endocrinol., Prague, Czech Republic)

    Original articles

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 271-279, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Noninvasive delayed limb ischemic preconditioning attenuates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by a mitochondrial K(ATP) channel-dependent mechanism.
    Y.-N. Wu, H. Yu, X.-H. Zhu, H.-J. Yuan, Y. Kang, J.-J. Jiao, W.-Z. Gao, Y.-X. Liu, J.-S. Lou
    (Dept. Pharmacol., Col. Basic Med. Sci., Tianjin Med. Univ., Tianjin, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 281-289, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Effects of aging on activities of mitochondrial electron transport chain complexes and oxidative damage in rat heart
    Z. Tatarková, S. Kuka, P. Račay, J. Lehotský, D. Dobrota, D. Mištuna, P. Kaplan
    (Dept. Med. Biochem., Ctr. Excell. Cardiovasc. Res. Slovak Acad. Sci., Jessenius Fac. Med., Comenius Univ., Martin, Slovak Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 291-301, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    The effects of gender and obesity on myocardial tolerance to ischaemia.
    C. Clark, W. Smith, A. Lochner, E. F. du Toit
    (Sch. Med. Sci., Griffith Univ., QLD, Australia)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 303-308, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Sildenafil is more selective pulmonary vasodilator than prostaglandin E(1) in patients with pulmonary hypertension due to heart failure.
    H. Al-Hiti, V. Melenovský, P. Syrovátka, J. Kettner, I. Málek, J. Kautzner
    (Dept. Cardiol., Inst. Clin. Experim. Med. – IKEM, Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 309-315, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Monoamine oxidase and semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase kinetic analysis in mesenteric arteries of patients with type 2 diabetes.
    S. F. Nunes, I. V. Figueiredo, J. S. Pereira, E. Teixeira de Lemos, F. Reis, F. Teixeira, M. M. Caramona
    (Lab. Pharmacol. Fac. Pharmacy, Coimbra Univ., Coimbra, Portugal)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 317-328, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    The effect of rat strain, diet composition and feeding period on the development of a nutritional model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats.
    O. Kučera, T. Garnol, H. Lotková, P. Staňková, Y. Mazurová, M. Hroch, R. Bolehovská, T. Roušar, Z. Červinková
    (Fac. Med. Hradec Králové, Charles Univ. Prague, Dept. Physiol., Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 329-336, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Effects of L-malate on mitochondrial oxidoreductases in liver of aged rats.
    J.-L. Wu, Q.-P. Wu, Y.-P. Peng, J.-M. Zhang
    (Guangdong Provincial Key Lab. Microb. Cult. Col. Appl., Guangdong Inst. Microbiol., Guangzhou, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 337-346, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Developmental changes in gut microbiota and enzyme activity predict obesity risk in rats arising from reduced nests.
    Z. Šefčíková, D. Bujňáková, Ľ. Raček, V. Kmeť, Š. Mozeš
    (Inst. Anim. Physiol., Slovak Acad. Sci., Košice, Slovak Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 347-354, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Adiponectin inhibits hyperlipidemia-induced platelets aggregation via attenuating oxidative/nitrative stress.
    W.-Q. Wang, H.-F. Zhang, G.-X. Gao, Q.-X. Bai, R. Li, X.-M. Wang
    (Dept. Geriat. Xijing Hosp., Fourth Military Med. Univ., Xi’an, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 355-365, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Profound alterations in the intrinsic excitability of cerebellar Purkinje neurons following neurotoxin 3-acetylpyridine (3-AP)-induced ataxia in rat: new insights into the role of small conductance K(+) channels.
    M. Kaffashian, M. Shabani, I. Goudarzi, G. Behzadi, A. Zali, M. Janahmadi
    (Neurosci. Res. Ctr. and Dept. Physiol., Med. Sch., Shahid Beheshti Univ. Med. Sci., Evin, Tehran, Iran)

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 367-375, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Rehabilitation intervention in animal model can improve neuromotor and cognitive functions after traumatic brain injury. (Pilot study)
    M. Lippert-Grüner, M. Mägele, O. Švestkova, Y. Angerová, T. Ester-Bode, D. N. Angelov
    (Dept. Rehab. Med., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ. Prague and General Teaching Hosp. Prague, Czech Republic)

    Short Communication

  • Physiol. Res. 60: 377-380, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    A polymorphism in the cyclooxygenase 2 gene in type 1 diabetic patients with nephropathy.
    J. A. Hubáček, T. Pelikánová, V. Lánská, R. Komers
    (Diabet. Ctr., Inst. Clin. Experim. Med, Prague, Czech Republic)


  • Physiol. Res. 60: 1P-8P, 2011   Full version (PDF file)

    Proceedings of the 14th international SHR symposium/ the 46th Scientific Meeting of the Japanese Society for Hypertension-related Disease Model Research. September 23-25, 2010, Montreal, Canada

    This number was issued in April 2011

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