Volume 61, Issue 4, 2012




  • Physiol. Res. 61: 337-346, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Wnt/β-catenin signaling: a promising new target for fibrosis diseases.
    Y. Guo, L. Xiao, L. Sun, F. Liu (Dept. Nephropathy, Sec. Xiangya Hosp., Central South Univ., Changsha, P. R. China)

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  • Physiol. Res. 61: 347-354, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Spectral peak frequency in low-frequency band in cross spectra of blood pressure and heart rate fluctuations in young type 1 diabetic patients.
    N. Honzíková, A. Krtička, E. Závodná, M. Javorka, I. Tonhajzerová, K. Javorka (Dept. Physiol., Fac. Med., Masaryk Univ., Brno, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 355-361, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Common carotid wall shear stress and carotid atherosclerosis in end-stage renal disease patients.
    J. Malík, J. Kudlička, V. Tuka, E. Chytilová, J. Adamec, K. Ročínová, V. Tesař (Third Dept. Int. Med., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ. and Gen. Univ. Hosp., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 363-370, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    The effect of diabetes mellitus on the ventricular epicardial activation and repolarization in mice.
    M. A. Vaykshnorayte, A. O. Ovechkin, J. E. Azarov (Lab. Cardiac. Physiol., Inst. Physiol., Komi Sci. Ctr., Ural Branch, Russ. Acad. Sci., Syktyvkar, Russia)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 371-380, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Coupled nitric oxide and autonomic receptor functional responses in the normal and inflamed urinary bladder of the rat.
    R. Veselá, H. Asklund, P. Aronsson, M. Johnsson, V. Wsol, M. Andersson, G. Tobin (Dept. Biochem. Sci., Fac. Pharm., Charles Univ., Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 381-388, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Metabolism of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and estrone-sulfate by human platelets.
    A. Garrido, Y. Muñoz, W. Sierralta, L. Valladares (Inst. Nutr. Food Technol., Univ. Chile, Santiago, Chile)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 389-394, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Effect of long-term simulated microgravity on some sexual traits of male Japanese quail.
    P. Škrobánek, M. Baranovská, B. Šárniková, M. Zeman, M. Okuliarová (Inst. Animal Biochem. Genet., Slovak Acad. Sci., Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovak Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 395-404, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    The mechanisms of inhibition of frog endplate currents with homologous derivatives of the 1,1-dimethyl-3-oxybutyl phosphonic acid.
    E. Pryazhnikov, A. Ostroumov, O. Druginina, F. Vyskočil, A. Skorinkin (Inst. Physiol., Acad. Sci. Czech, Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 405-417, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Bone mineral density and body composition in men with multiple sclerosis chronically treated with low-dose glucocorticoids.
    V. Zikán, M. Týblová, I. Raška Jr., E. Havrdová, M. Luchavová, D. Michalská, A. A. Kuběna (Third Dept. Med., Dept. Endocrinol. Metabol., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)

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  • Physiol. Res. 61: 419-423, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Effects of isoflurane concentration on basic echocardiographic parameters of the left ventricle in rats.
    H. Říha, F. Papoušek, J. Neckář, J. Pirk, B. Ošťádal (Dept. Anesthesiol. Intens. Care Med., Inst. Clin. Exp. Med., Prague, Czech Republic)

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  • Physiol. Res. 61: 425-430, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Nitrotyrosine and nitrate/nitrite levels in cardiac arrest survivors treated with endovascular hypothermia.
    A. Krüger, P. Ošťádal, D. Vondráková, M. Janotka, J. Herget (Cardiovasc. Ctr., Dept. Cardiol., Na Homolce Hosp., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 431-436, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Have main types of primary aldosteronism different phenotype?
    Z. Šomlóová, T. Indra, J. Rosa, O. Petrák, B. Štrauch, T. Zelinka, R. Holaj, J. Widimský Jr. (Third Dept. Intern. Med. – Ctr. Hypertens., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ. and Gen. Univ. Hosp., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 61: 437-442, 2012; Full version (PDF file)

    Inhibition of the acquisition of conditioned place aversion by dopaminergic lesions of the central nucleus of the amygdala in morphine-treated rats.
    W. Xu, Y. H. Li, B. P. Tan, X. J. Luo, L. Xiao, X. G. Zheng, X. Y. Yang, N. Sui (Ment. Health Key Lab., Inst. Psychol., CAS, Beijing, China)

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