Volume 66, Issue 5, 2017


  • Physiol. Res. 66: ix-xi, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Prof. Ernest Gutmann (1910 – 1977). G. Vrbová, A. Kofferová-Gutmannová

  • Physiol. Res. 66: xiii-xvi, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Prof. Arnošt Gutmann (1910 – 1977). F. Vyskočil


  • Physiol. Res. 66: 715-727, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    The implication of AMPA receptor in synaptic plasticity impairment and intellectual disability in fragile X syndrome.
    G.-R. Cheng, X.-Y. Li, Y.-D. Xiang, D. Liu, S. M. McClintock, Y. Zeng (Brain Cognit. Function Lab., Wuhan Univ. Science Technol., Wuhan, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 729-740, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    The galanin and galanin receptor subtypes, its regulatory role in the biological and pathological functions.
    J. Šípková, I. Kramáriková, S. Hynie, V. Klenerová (Lab. Neuropharmacol., Inst. Med. Biochem. Lab. Diag., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Original Articles


  • Physiol. Res. 66: 741-752, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Apocynin ameliorates pressure overload-induced cardiac remodeling by inhibiting oxidative stress and apoptosis.
    J.-J. Liu, Y. Lu, N.-N. Ping, X. Li, Y.-X. Lin, C.F. Li (Dept. Physiol. Pathophysiol., Xi'an Jiaotong Univ. Health Science Ctr., Xi'an, China; Dept. Obst. Gynecol., First Affil. Hosp. Xi'an Jiaotong Univ. Health Sci. Ctr., Xi'an, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 753-767, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Moringa oleifera-rich diet and T cell calcium signaling in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
    E. S. Attakpa, N. W. Chabi, G. A. Bertin, J.-M. Atègbo, B. Seri, N. A. Khan (Lab Physiopathol. Molécul. Toxicol., Départ. Physiol. Anim., Fac. Sci. Tech., Univ. d’Abomey Calavi, Cotonou, Republic of Benin)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 769-780, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Different structural alterations in individual conduit arteries of SHRs compared to Wistar rats from the prehypertensive period to late adulthood.
    F. Kristek, M. Drobna, S. Cacanyiova (Inst. Normal Pathol. Physiol. Slovak Acad. Sci., Bratislava, Slovak Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 781-789, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Mechanism of electrocardiographic T-wave flattening in diabetes mellitus: experimental and simulation study.
    K. A. Sedova, J. E. Azarov, N. V. Arteyeva, A. O. Ovechkin, M. A. Vaykshnorayte, V. A. Vityazev, O. G. Bernikova, D. N. Shmakov, P. Kneppo (Dept. Biomed. Technol., Fac. Biomed. Eng., Czech Tech. Univ. in Prague, Kladno, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 791-799, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Pathophysiological analysis of the progression of hepatic lesions in STAM mice.
    T. Saito, M. Muramatsu, Y. Ishii, Y. Saigo, T. Konuma, Y. Toriniwa, K. Miyajima, T. Ohta (Biol. Pharmacol. Res. Lab., Central Pharm. Res. Inst., Japan Tobacco Inc., Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 801-810, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Preventive effect of L-carnitine on the disorder of lipid metabolism and circadian clock of mice subjected to chronic jet-lag.
    X. Xie, A. Guo, T. Wu, Q. Hu, L. Huang, C. Yao, B. Zhao, W. Zhang, B. Chi, P. Lu, Z. Zhao, Z. Fu (College Biotechnol. Bioeng., Zhejiang Univ. Technol., Hangzhou, China)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 811-822, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    The effect of very-low-calorie diet on mitochondrial dysfunction in subcutaneous adipose tissue and peripheral monocytes of obese subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
    M. Urbanová, M. Mráz, V. Ďurovcová, P. Trachta, J. Kloučková, P. Kaválková, D. Haluzíková, Z. Lacinová, H. Hansíková, L. Wenchich, M. Kršek, M. Haluzík (Inst. Rheumatol., Prague, Czech Republic; Inst. Med. Biochem. Lab. Diag., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ. Prague Gen. Univ. Hosp., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 823-831, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Effects of rapid or slow body weight reduction on intramuscular protein degradation pathways during equivalent weight loss on rats.
    Y. Nonaka, S. Urashima, M. Inai, S. Nishimura, K. Higashida, S. Terada (Dept. Life Sci., Graduate School Arts Sci., Univ. Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 833-844, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Glucagon-like peptide-1 analogues exenatide and liraglutide exert inhibitory effect on the early phase of liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in rats.
    J. Fontana, O. Kučera, V. Mezera, M. Anděl, Z. Červinková (Ctr. Res. Diab., Metab. Nutr., Third Fac. Med., Charles Univ., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 845-858, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Effect of carcinogen 1,2-dimethylhydrazine treatment on fiber types in skeletal muscles of male Wistar rats.
    V. Smerdu, M. Perše (Inst. Anat., Fac. Med., Univ. Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 859-866, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Glucose added to a fat load suppresses the postprandial triglyceridemia response in carriers of the -1131C and 56G variants of the APOA5 gene.
    K. Zemánková, R. Dembovská, J. Piťha, J. Kovář (Lab. Atheroscler. Res., Inst. Clin. Exp. Med., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 867-880, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    The absence of brain-specific link protein Bral2 in perineuronal nets hampers auditory temporal resolution and neural adaptation in mice.
    J. Popelář, M. Díaz Gómez, J. Lindovský, N. Rybalko, J. Burianová, T. Oohashi, J. Syka (Inst. Exp. Med. Czech Acad. Sci., Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Physiol. Res. 66: 881-887, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    The effect of hypertension on adult hippocampal neurogenesis in young adult spontaneously hypertensive rats and Dahl rats.
    A. Pistikova, H. Brozka, M. Bencze, D. Radostova, K. Vales, A. Stuchlik (Dept. Neurophysiol. Memory, Inst. Physiol. Czech Acad. Sci., Prague, Czech Republic)

    Short Communication


  • Physiol. Res. 66: 889-895, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Liraglutide preserves intracellular calcium handling in isolated murine myocytes exposed to oxidative stress.
    S. Palee, S. C. Chattipakorn, N. Chattipakorn (Cardiac Electrophysiol. Res. Training Ctr., Fac. Med., Chiang Mai Univ., Chiang Mai, Thailand)



  • Physiol. Res. 66: 1P-4P, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Laboratory Animals held in Jihlava (Czech Republic), May 17 – 19, 2017



  • Physiol. Res. 66: 897, 2017;  Full version (PDF file)

    Pro-inflammatory gene expression in adipose tissue of patients with atherosclerosis.
    S. Čejková, I. Králová Lesná, J. Froněk, L. Janoušek, A. Králová, J. Ždychová, F. Thieme, R. Poledne (Lab. Atheroscler. Res., Inst. Clin. Exp. Med., Prague, Czech Republic) Physiol. Res. 66: 633-640, 2017

    This number was issued in October 2017

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