genetics and physiology of fungi
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UPLC - UV (DAD) - MS (ToF)

-provides analysis of compounds of different physicochemical properties
-enables determination of analytes in different matrix (extraction step often required)
-allows high-throughput analyses
-enables fast routine analyses of high number of samples
-allows determination of very low concentrations of analytes
-enables the identification of analytes in complex matrix due to high mass measurement accuracy
-provides exact molecular mass and elemental composition of unknown components

-analyses offer:
oanalytes = pharmaceuticals, vitamins, organic acids, pesticides, alkaloids, hormones, various secondary metabolites (fungal, bacterial), proteins, …
omatrix = water, organic solvents, fermentation broth (fungal, bacterial), soil, animal and human tissues, milk, beverages, foodstuff, animal manure, …

Tomáš Řezanka, PhD
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=High-performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection and fluorescence detection

The 2489 UV/Visible dual-wavelength absorbance detector and 474 Fluorescence detectors offer the high sensitivity required for routine UV- and FL-based applications to low-level impurity identification and quantitative analysis.
HPLC system equipped with flow controller 600, autosampler 717, UV detector 2487 and fluorescence detector 474; Waters