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Welcome to the homepage of the Laboratory of Regulation of Gene Expression at the Institute of Microbiology ASCR in golden Prague at the heart of the Czech Republic.

Our laboratory, established in June 2006, investigates a basic concept of translation and various aspects of its regulation. The studies combine the use of budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and mammalian cells lines and employ tools of molecular and structural biology, biochemistry and genetics.

Our laboratory is supported by the world-renowned funding bodies such as the Wellcome Trust and Howard Hughes Medical Institute as well as by the prestigious Centre of Excellence grant from the Czech Grant Agency.

Enjoy exploring us!

We seek highly motivated and skillful Ph.D. and diploma students to start working with us in the third quarter of 2017 - for details click here ***. If interested, please send your motivation letter as well as your CV to Leos @.

NEWS AS OF Jan 25, 2017
This year began with the Nucleic Acids Research paper from Pasha - extremely hard work that took him and Vanda nearly 8 years from the initial idea! Congratulations! Our lab won "The most productive lab of the Inst. of Microbiology CAS award" for the 4th year in a row - not bad :) Petra and Jakub are finishing their manus as we speak, Susan is about to move on to her new post-doc position in our collaborating lab of Thomas Preiss in Australia - supercool place, the best of luck! Darina left for her PhD studies at the Leiden University Medical Center in Holland (group of Prof. van der Maarel) and Zuzka Pavlikova from Slovakia has stepped into her shoes with grace. Also, Terezie Svobodova will join us as a new Ph.D. student this year. Petra received the shared award for the best publication published at our institute in 2015 for her NAR paper and, above all, defended her Ph.D. thesis with distinction!:)

Besides the generous Wellcome Trust support that has gotten further extended till summer of 2018, our group together with 6 other young groups in the Czech Republic still lives from a highly prestigious Centre of Excellence Grant from the Czech Grant Agency and three more "GACR" grants (one is very new) - our success rate with GACR - over 8 years now - still remains at 100%!

Pasha is making preparations to get married to Asha, else I have no clue about anybody else's plans in this direction :) After having the GooDyeaR in 2016, the feeling for which was announced in late 2015, this year - we all think - will simply be SUPERB ;)

EMBO Workshop: Viral RNA: Structure, Function and Targeting - EMBL Heidelberg, March 5 - 7, 2007 EMBO Workshop: Viral RNA: Structure, Function and Targeting - EMBL Heidelberg, March 5 - 7, 2007