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Welcome to the homepage of the Laboratory of Regulation of Gene Expression at the Institute of Microbiology ASCR in golden Prague at the heart of the Czech Republic.

Our laboratory, established in June 2006, investigates a basic concept of translation and various aspects of its regulation. The studies combine the use of budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and mammalian cells lines and employ tools of molecular and structural biology, biochemistry and genetics.

Our laboratory has been supported by the world-renowned funding bodies such as the Wellcome Trust and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, as well as by the prestigious EXPRO grant of excellence from the Czech Grant Agency and the Praemium Academiae Award from the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Enjoy exploring us!

There are currently no open positions in our laboratory.

NEWS AS OF Oct 8, 2020
The year of 2020, despite all world-wide COntroVersIes, has been super great for us so far. We published one paper in Molecular Cell (Susan and Anicka - in collaboration with Thomas Preiss from ANU), another one in Nucleic Acids Research (Anicka) and one more is in press in Cell Reports (Terka - in collaboration with Yaser Hashem from UNI of Bordeaux). Great work, thank you all! We also won the GACR President's 2019 award from the Czech Science Foundation and were awared the most prestigious scientific award in the Czech Rep. - Praemium Academiae from the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Kristyna defended their PhD thesis and was awarded the PhD degree as the jubilee 10th student from our lab. Zuzka passed her bachelor's exam and Jakub went onto his post-doctoral voyage to Roland Beckmann's lab in Munich. "Senior" Zuzka is still working hard on her magical near-cognate tRNAs together with the group of Roland Beckmann in Munich and freshly also with Jula Lukes's lab from Budweiss. Petra completed her collaborative work with the lab of Olivier Namy in Paris and is working hard on the paper in common with a growing little human being in her belly - CONGRATULATIONS (to the latter :) and the best of luck! Pasha completed his co-operation with the lab of Christine Vogel from New York UNI and is also finishing off his paper on reinitiation. Anna and Slavka are trying to shed completely new light on the ATF4 translational control - really hard work!!! Luckily, we have two new (Klara and Kristina) and two old (Slavka and me) Ph.D. students - fingers crossed for our success ;)

What else to say during these crazy days full of uncertainties? Be alert but do not panic, stay healthy and in high spirits!

EMBO Workshop: Viral RNA: Structure, Function and Targeting - EMBL Heidelberg, March 5 - 7, 2007 EMBO Workshop: Viral RNA: Structure, Function and Targeting - EMBL Heidelberg, March 5 - 7, 2007