Article Processing Charges (APCs):

As an Open Access journal, we provide online access free of charge.

The publishing costs are covered by the author or by their institution/funding agency on their behalf in the form of an Article Processing Charge (APC).

Authors should consider in advance whether they have sufficient funds to cover the full Article Publishing Costs.

Papers accepted for publication will be charged as follows:

  • REVIEWS (word limit 10000 words*), 100 references, no more than 10 figures/tables): 800 + 55 EUR** (including tax)
  • ORIGINAL ARTICLES (word limit max. 5000 words*, 45 references, no more than 6 figures/tables): 1000 + 55 EUR** (including tax)
  • SHORT COMMUNICATIONS (word limit max. 2500 words*, 20 references, no more than 2 figures/tables): 400 + 55  EUR** (including tax)

* All word counts refer to a title page, abstract, the main body of the article including references. The text exceeding the above limits might be charged additionally by Editorial Office.

**Since 2020, the need to convert articles to xml format to meet the requirements of the world databases resulted in an additional fee 55 EURO for this service.



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