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Short-term administration of melatonin or ghrelin on diabetic rats: effects on angiotensin II and vasopressin–induced uterine contractility
D. Sugár, R. Agócs, E. Tatár, G. Tóth, P. Horváth, E. Sulyok, A. J. Szabó
Pre-press article

The effect of superoxide dismutase (SOD) enzyme inhibition on renal microcirculation of spontaneously hypertensive-stroke prone (SHRSP) and Wistar rats
Ahmad F. Ahmeda, Mark G. Rae, Lamyia M. Anweigi, Mohammed F. Al Otaibi, Abeer A. Al-Masri, Edward J. Johns
Pre-press article

Hematological findings in non-treated and γ-irradiated mice deficient for MIC-1/GDF15
Michal Hofer, Zuzana Hoferová, Ján Remšík, Monika Nováková, Jiřina Procházková, Radek Fedr, Jiří Kohoutek, Ladislav Dušek, Aleš Hampl, Karel Souček
Pre-press article

Ulinastatin alleviates neurological deficiencies evoked by transient cerebral ischemia via improving autophagy, Nrf-2-ARE and apoptosis signals in hippocampus
Xiao-Ming Jiang, Jing-Hai Hu, Lu-Lu Wang, Chi Ma, Xu Wang, Xiao-Liang Liu
Pre-press article

Evaluation of molecular changes of distal organs after small bowel transplantation: experimental study
Urban P., Rabajdová M., Feterik Š., Bódy G., Granda T., Mareková M., Veselá J.
Pre-press article

Respiratory-induced hemodynamic changes measured by whole-body multichannel impedance plethysmography
Peter Langer, Pavel Jurák, Vlastimil Vondra, Josef Halámek, Michal Mešťaník, Ingrid Tonhajzerová, Ivo Viščor, Ladislav Soukup, Magdaléna Matejkova, Eva Závodná, Pavel Leinveber
Pre-press article

Perfusion scintigraphy in the assessment of autologous cell therapy in diabetic patients with critical limb ischemia
Andrea Nemcova, Alexandra Jirkovska, Michal Dubsky, Robert Bem, Vladimira Fejfarova, Veronika Woskova, Anna Pysna, Marie Buncova
Pre-press article

DHA upregulates FADS2 expression in primary cortical astrocytes exposed to vitamin A
B. Dziedzic, D. Bewicz-Binkowska, E. Zgorzynska, D. Stulczewski, L. Wieteska, B. Kaza, A.Walczewska
Pre-press article

Akt/eNOS and MAPK signaling pathways mediated the phenotypic switching of thoracic aorta vascular smooth muscle cells in aging/hypertensive rats
Lin Zhang, Zhaoxia Xu, Ying Wu, Jingwen Liao, Fanxing Zeng, Lijun Shi
Pre-press article

Pathophysiological characteristics of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis-like changes in cholesterol-loaded type 2 diabetic rats
Y. Toriniwa, M. Muramatsu, Y. Ishii, E. Riya, K. Miyajima, S. Ohshida, K. Kitatani, S. Takekoshi, T. Matsui, S. Kume, T. Yamada, T. Ohta
Pre-press article

Occurrence of serum antibodies against wheat alpha-amylase inhibitor 0.19 in celiac disease
Daniel Sánchez, Stanislava Štěpánová-Honzová, Marie Hospodková, Iva Hoffmanová, Věra Hábová, Petr Halada, Helena Tlaskalová-Hogenová, Ludmila Tučková
Pre-press article

Involvement of the periaqueductal gray in the descending antinociceptive effect induced by the central nucleus of amygdala
Nora Bourbia, Antti Pertovaara
Pre-press article

Nutritional intervention as an essential part of multiple sclerosis treatment?
Adela Penesová, Zuzana Dean, Branislav Kollár, Andrea Havranová, Richard Imrich, Miroslav Vlček, Žofia Rádiková
Pre-press article

Severe acute heart failure - experimental model with very low mortality
S. Lacko, M. Mlček, P. Hála, M. Popková, D. Janák, M. Hrachovina, J. Kudlička, V. Hrachovina, P. Ošťádal, O. Kittnar
Pre-press article

Co-administration of conjugated linoleic acid and rosiglitazone increases atherogenic co-efficicient and alters isoprenaline-induced vasodilatation in rats fed high fat diet
Boon Kheng Chai, Yeh Siang Lau, Bi Juin Loong, Mustafa Mohd Rais, Kang Nee Ting, Devi Murugan Dharmani, Mohankumar Suresh Kumar
Pre-press article

The effects of acute hypoxia on tissue oxygenation and circulating alarmins in healthy adults
Christopher J. Boos, Chris M. Lamb, Mark Midwinter, Adrian Mellor, David R. Woods, Mark Howley, Tim Stansfield, Mark Foster, John Paul O’hara
Pre-press article

Adiponectin enhances biological functions of vascular endothelial progenitor cells through the mTOR-STAT3 signaling pathway
Dong Xiaoying, Yan Xia, Zhang Wei, Tang Shengqiu
Pre-press article

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