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Gene expression in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm - more than immunological mechanisms involved
M. Prucha, P. Sedivy, P. Stadler, P. Zdrahal, V. Matoska, H. Strnad
Pre-press article

Impacts of different anesthetic agents on left ventricular systolic function in mice assessed by echocardiography
Chen Li, Jing Dai, Fan Wu, Huaxing Zhang
Pre-press article

Galanin receptor 1 plays an antinociceptive effect via inhibiting PKA activation in the nucleus accumbens of rats with neuropathic pain
Ying Zhang, Yi Gao, Chong-Yang Li, Wei Dong, Yan Dong, Meng-Nan Li, Ya-Nan Liu, Shi-Lian Xu
Pre-press article

Cardioprotective properties of opioid receptor agonists in rats with stress-induced cardiac injury
E. S. Prokudina, L. N. Maslov, N. V. Naryzhnaya, S. Yu. Tsibulnikov, Y. B. Lishmanov, J. E. Madias, P. R. Oeltgen
Pre-press article

The effect of repeated whole-body cryostymulation on the HSP-70 and lipid metabolisms in healthy subjects
A. Lubkowska, I. Bryczkowska, Z. Szygula, C. Giemza, A. Skrzek, I. Rotter, G. Lombardi, G. Banfi
Pre-press article

Various AKIP1 expression levels affect its subcellular localization but have no effect on NF-kappaB activation
A. Keprová, L. Kořínková, I. Křížová, R. Hadravová, F. Kaufman, I. Pichová, T. Ruml, M. Rumlová
Pre-press article

Hydrogen sulfide plays an important protective role by influencing autophagy in diseases
Jun Wang, Dongdong Wu, Honggang Wang
Pre-press article

Correlation of tumor necrosis factor alpha, interleukin 6 and interleukin 10 with blood pressure, risk of preeclampsia and low birth weight in gestational diabetes
P. Žák, M. Souček
Pre-press article

Association of pigment epithelium derived factor with von Willebrand factor and plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 in patients with type 2 diabetes
D. Karasek, J. Spurna, V. Kubickova, O. Krystynik, L. Cibickova, J. Schovanek, D. Goldmannova
Pre-press article

Assessment of platelet respiration as emerging biomarker of disease
A. T. Petruș, D. L. Lighezan, M. D. Dănilă, O. M. Duicu, A. Sturza, D. M. Muntean, I. Ioniță
Pre-press article

Relationship between steroid hormones and metabolic profile in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
I. Lazúrová, Z. Lazúrová, J. Figurová, S. Ujházi, I. Dravecká, J. Mašlanková, M. Mareková
Pre-press article

Electroacupuncture enhances antioxidative signal pathway and attenuates neuropathic pain induced by chemotherapeutic paclitaxel
Xiaoming Zhao, Li Liu, Yuku Wang, Gang Wang, Yingkai Zhao, Yao Zhang
Pre-press article

Metabolic and renal effects of dietary advanced glycation end products in pregnant rats – a pilot study
K. Janšáková, E. Lengyelová, N. Pribulová, V. Somoza, P. Celec, K. Šebeková, Ľ. Tóthová
Pre-press article

Transient increase in cellular dehydrogenase activity after cadmium treatment precedes enhanced production of reactive oxygen species in human proximal tubular kidney cells
J. Handl, J. Čapek, P. Majtnerová, F. Petira, M. Hauschke, E. Roušarová, T. Roušar
Pre-press article

Intraventricular placement of a spring expander does not attenuate cardiac atrophy of the healthy heart induced by unloading via heterotopic heart transplantation
Martin Pokorný , Iveta Mrázová, Hana Kubátová, Jan Piťha, Jiří Malý, Jan Pirk, Hana Maxová , Vojtěch Melenovský, Jan Šochman, Janusz Sadowski, Luděk Červenka, Zdeněk Čermák, Karel Volenec, Ivan Netuka
Pre-press article

Data actualized: 25/3/2019


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