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Short-term administration of melatonin or ghrelin on diabetic rats: effects on angiotensin II and vasopressin–induced uterine contractility
D. Sugár, R. Agócs, E. Tatár, G. Tóth, P. Horváth, E. Sulyok, A. J. Szabó
Pre-press article

Еndolymph composition: paradigm or inevitability?
H. Gagov, M. Chichova, M. Mladenov
Pre-press article

Proteomic analysis of peroxynitrite-induced protein nitration in isolated beef heart mitochondria
M. Kohutiar, A. Eckhardt, I. Mikšík, P. Šantorová, J. Wilhelm
Pre-press article

Aquaporin expression in the fetal porcine urinary tract changes during gestation
L. K. Jakobsen, K. Trelborg, P. S. Kingo, S. Høyer, K.-E. Andersson, J. C. Djurhuus, R. Nørregaard, L. H. Olsen
Pre-press article

The effect of adrenalectomy on exercise response of the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and exercise tolerance in primary aldosteronism
V. Tuka, M. Matoulek, J. Rosa, O. Petrák, O. Mikeš, Z. Krátká, B. Štrauch, R. Holaj, T. Zelinka, J. Widimský
Pre-press article

Melatonin attenuates chronic cough mediated by oxidative stress via transient receptor potential melastatin-2 in guinea pigs exposed to particulate matter 2.5
Zhenjun Ji, Zhen Wang, Zhe Chen, Hao Jin, Chen Chen, Senlin Chai, Haining Lv, Ling Yang, Yakun Hu, Rong Dong, Kefang Lai
Pre-press article

Sleep apnoea in patients with nocturnal hypertension – a multicentre study in the Czech Republic
M. Hobzova, K. Sonka, M. Pretl, J. Vaclavik, E. Kriegova, M. Radvansky, J. Zapletalova, M. Plackova, V. Kolek
Pre-press article

Study on effects of electrical stimulation on rabbit esophageal body motility in vivo
Lili Zhang, Wei Zhao, Chunshan Zhao, Hong Jin, Bin Wang, Bangmao Wang
Pre-press article

Neonatal hypoglycemia, early-onset diabetes and hypopituitarism due to the mutation in EIF2S3 gene causing MEHMO syndrome
J. Stanik, M. Skopkova, D. Stanikova, K. Brennerova, L. Barak, L. Ticha, J. Hornova, I. Klimes, D. Gasperikova
Pre-press article

Potential neuroprotective and anti-apoptotic properties of a long-lasting stable analog of ghrelin: an in vitro study using SH-SY5Y cells
A. Popelová, A. Kákonová, L. Hrubá, J. Kuneš, L. Maletínská, B. Železná
Pre-press article

Immunity – a significant pathogenic factor as well as an integral part of the sychoneuroendocrine-immune regulations
F. Vožeh
Pre-press article

Histidine metabolism after Bretschneider cardioplegia in cardiac surgical patients
J. K. Teloh, L. Ansorge, M. Petersen, E. Demircioglu, I. N. Waack, S. Brauckmann, H. Jakob, D.-S. Dohle
Pre-press article

Buffering agent-induced lactose content increases via growth hormone-mediated activation of gluconeogenesis in lactating goats
L. Li, M. L. He, Y. Liu, Y. S. Zhang
Pre-press article

How to interpret elevated plasmatic level of high-sensitive troponin T in newborns and infants?
P. Jehlicka, M. Huml, D. Rajdl, A. Mockova, M. Matas, J. Dort, A. Masopustova
Pre-press article

Aldosterone modulates blood homocysteine and cholesterol in coronary artery disease patients – a possible impact on atherothrombosis?
Kamil Karolczak, Pawel Kubalczyk, Rafal Glowacki, Robert Pietruszynski, Cezary Watala
Pre-press article

The effect of induction therapy on established CMV specific t-cell immunity in living donor kidney transplantation
Lucia Stranavova, Petra Hruba, Eva Girmanova, Irena Tycova, Antonij Slavcev, Jiri Fronek, Janka Slatinska , Petra Reinke, Hans-Dieter Volk, Ondrej Viklicky
Pre-press article

Cellular differentiation of non-transformed intestinal epithelial cells is regulated by Lactobacillus rhamnosus and L. casei strains
J. Kolinska, M. Zakostelecka, Z. Zemanova, V. Lisa, J. Golias, H. Kozakova, B. Dvorak
Pre-press article

Red palm oil supplementation does not increase blood glucose or serum lipids levels in Wistar rats with different thyroid status
H. Rauchová, M. Vokurková, S. Pavelka, I. Vaněčková, N. Tribulová, T. Soukup
Pre-press article

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