Calculator of atherogenic risk

This calculator estimates values of Atherogenic Index of Plasma ( AIP = Log(TG/HDL_C) )  and “the zone of atherogenic risk”. Triglycerides and HDL-cholesterol in AIP reflect the balance between the atherogenic and protective lipoproteins. AIP correlates with the size of pro- and antiatherogenic lipoprotein particles. Clinical studies have shown that AIP predicts cardiovascular risk. AIP is an easily available cardiovascular risk marker and an useful measure of response to treatment (pharmacological intervention).

Select units of concentrations: Calculation based on mmol/L, alternatively on mg/dL.


Insert the Triglyceride and HDL-cholesterol values into corresponding windows. Click on “SEND” and AIP window shows the value of AIP on differently colored background.


AIP<0,11 - low risk
AIP (0.11 – 0.21) intermediate risk
AIP>0,21 increased risk

You can also calculate the appropriate value of TG or HDL_C if you insert desired AIP and one of the measured values.

Author: Milada Dobiášová

Literatura: Dobiášová M, Frohlich J. The plasma parameter log (TG/HDL-C) as an atherogenic index: correlation with lipoprotein particle size and esterification rate in apoB-lipoprotein-depleted plasma (FER HDL ). Clinical Biochemistry 34: 583-588 2001. Frohlich J., Dobiášová M. Fractional esterification rate of cholesterol and ratio of triglycerides to HDL-cholesterol are powerful predictors of positive findings on coronary angiography. Clin Chem 2003; 49: (11) 1873-1880.