Volume 50, Issue 6, 2001


Physiol. Res. 50: 529-536, 2001
Dietary flavonoids and risk of coronary heart disease
G. Mojžišov
á, M. Kuchta
Dept. Exp. Med., Fac. Med., Šafárik Univ Tr. SNP 1, 040 66 Košice, Slovak Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 537-546, 2001
The mechanism of alloxan and streptozotocin action in B cells of the rat pancreas
T. Szkudelski
Dept. Anim. Physiol. Biochem., Univ Agriculture, 60-637 Wolynska 35, Poznan, Poland

Physiol. Res. 50: 547-555, 2001
Microvascular endothelial cells from human omentum lack an inward rectifier K+ current.
H.M. Himmel, U. Rauen, U. Ravens
Rudolf-Boehm Inst. Pharm. Toxicol., Fac. Med. Univ. Leipzig, D-04107 Leipzig, Germany

Physiol. Res. 50: 557-565, 2001
Slowed inactivation at positive potentials in rat axonal K+ channels is not due to preferential closed-state inactivation
A. Babes, E. L
örinczi, V. Ristoiu, M.L. Flonta, G. Reid
Dept. Animal Physiol. Biophys., Fac. Biol., Univ. Bucharest, Splaiul Independenţei 91-95, Bucharest 76201, Romania

Physiol. Res. 50: 567-574, 2001
Ultrastructural distribution of the S100A1 Ca2+-binding protein in the human heart
B. Maco, A. Mandinová, M.B. Dürrenberger, B.W. Schäfer, B. Uhrík, C.W. Heizmann
Inst. Mol. Physiol. Genet., Slovak Acad. Sci., Vlárska 5, 833 34 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Physiol Res. 50: 575-581, 2001
Effects of pleuran (b-glucan isolated from Pleurotus ostreatus) on experimental colitis in rats.
V. Nosáľová, P. Bobek, S. Černá, Š. Galbavý, S. Štvrtina
Inst. Exp. Pharmacol., Slovak Acad. Sci., Dúbravská cesta 9, 842 16 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 583-587, 2001
Genetic variant of luteinizing hormone: impact on gonadal steroid sex hormones in women
M. Hill, I.T. Huhtaniemi, R. Hampl, L. Stárka
Inst. Endocrinol., Národní tr. 8, 119 56 Prague 1, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 589-594, 2001
Serum leptin levels in septic men correlate well with the C-reactive protein (CRP) and TNF-alpha but not with BMI.
P. Maruna, R. Gürlich, R. Fraško, M. Haluzík
Third Int. Dept., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., U nemocnice 1, 128 21 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 595-602, 2001
Does exogenous melatonin influence the metabolism of free radicals and pain sensation in the rat?
I. Pekárková, S. Parara, V. Holeček, P. Stopka, L. Trefil, J. Racek, R. Rokyta
Dept. Norm. Pathol. Clin. Physiol., Third Med. Fac., Charles Univ, Ke Karlovu 4, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 603-607, 2001
Can primary hyperaldosteronism be considered as a specific form of diabetes mellitus?
J. Widimský Jr., B. Strauch, G. Šindelka, J. Škrha
Third Med. Dept., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., U nemocnice 1, 128 21 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 609-617, 2001
Acquisition and retrieval of conditioned taste aversion is impaired by brain damage caused by two hours of pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus
J. Šroubek, J. Hort, V. Komárek, M. Langmeier, G. Brožek
Dept. Physiol., Second Fac Med., Charles Univ., Plzeňská 221/130, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 619-626, 2001
Body, heart, thyroid gland and skeletal muscle weight changes in rats with altered thyroid status.
T. Soukup, G. Zachařová, V. Smerdu, I. Jirmanová
Inst. Physiol., Acad. Sci. Czech Rep., Vídeňská 1083, 142 20 Prague 4, Czech Republic


Physiol. Res. 50: 627-630 , 2001
Gossypol inhibits follicle-stimulating hormone- and epidermal growth factor-stimulated expansion of oocyte-cumulus complexes from porcine preovulatory follicles
J. Kolena, S. Vršanská, E. Nagyová, M. Ježová
Inst. Exp. Endocrinol., Slovak Acad. Sci., Vlárska 3, 833 06 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 631-634 , 2001
Diminished circadian blood pressure rhythm in patients with asymptomatic normotensive pheochromocytoma.
T. Zelinka, J. Widimský, J. Weisserová
Third Med. Dept., First Fac. Med., Charles Univ., U nemocnice 1, 128 21 Prague 2, Czech Republic

Physiol. Res. 50: 635-637 , 2001
The effect of quercetin on light-induced cytotoxicity of hypericin.
A. Miroššay, H. Onderková, L. Mirossay, M. Šarišský, J. Mojžiš
Dept. Pharmacol., Fac. Med., Šafárik Univ., Tr. SNP 1, 040 66 Košice, Slovak Republic) 635

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