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Instruction for using Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB) =  Electronic library journals
  • EZB is a catalogue which offers access to thousands of full-text journals - subcribed and free
    • the accessibility of each journal is indicated by the traffic light system of different colours.
  • [EZB full access] - access via the Library EZProxy server
    • at the head of EZB/Library homepage is Library of the Institute of Physiology AS CR, Prague
nahoru  The colours of the traffic light signify:
  •   dostupne subscribed journals  - current year included
    • list of journals (also journals published in small collections:  ASM, APS, Nature Publishing Group)
    • journals  included in publishers multicollection
    1. nahoru  dostupne Elsevier (+ Cell Press)
    2. nahoru  dostupne Springer (+ Kluwer)
    3. nahoru  dostupne Wiley (+ Blackwell
    4. nahoru  dostupne EBSCO  - journals available through database EBSCO, more publishers (fulltext, but mostly with year delay) - notice "via EBSCO" in EZB/Library
  •   dostupne s omezenim subscribed journals accessible  with restriction (specification of this restriction - after click title in EZB):
  1. journals AACRaccess restricted - the computers located in study room of the Library only - list of AACR journals
  2. journals available for all Library users, but in selected years only
  3. journals available only for the Institute of Microbiology

 nahoru Instruction to use - EZB
dostupne fulltext  journals available for users of the Library - current year including
click = link directly to journal
volne dostupne journals available free on Internet
click = link directly to journal
nedostupne access to fulltext in current year is not available for users of the Library- usually table of contents and abstracts are accessible
dostupne s omezenim fulltext journals available for users of the Library with restriction
click = link directly to journal
journal title link to the detailed record (e.g. available years, publisher)
"i" icon in detailed record
  • link on the web library
  • choosing  - changing of library
List of journals
  • selection in toolbar menu by option" by title" or  "by subject" 
Searching journals 
  • Search - basic search - (key word from journal title or whole title)
  • Advanced Search - advanced search (e.g. a publisher)

nahoru About EZB catalogue
  • The Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek EZB (Electronic Journals Library) offers an effective use of scientific and academic journals publishing full text articles in the internet. This service has been developed at the Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg (University Library of Regensburg) in cooperation with the Universitätsbibliothek der Technischen Universität München (University Library of the Technical University of Munich). Meanwhile, a lot of  libraries and research institutions make use of this service in their daily work. They collect the titles cooperatively and update the bibliographic data jointly in a central database. For each participating institution, we generate a range of electronic journals adapted to the respective library´s requirements. Each member can administer for itself the locally licensed journals and integrate individual user instructions by means of a decentralized specific license administration. Online journals on subscription can therefore be offered within the same system as free e-journals. The Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg is in charge of the technical maintenance and further development.
  • You can find detailed info about journals in all EZB libraries, but without posibility to download fulltext (access only for users chosen library) .
  • Our library is part of the EZB catalog since 2004 - available these fulltext resources
nahoru E-journals available in other libraries
  • journals marked in EZB with nedostupne -  it means, they are unaccessible for our users. It´s possible to find if journal has other library available.
    • attention - access in current year, availability archives - different
 Accessibility of e-journal in other  libraries
  • use link to EZB via EZproxy -  [ EZB  full access
  • if a journal is maked as unaccessible (red) for selected library - click journal title
  • detailed "record" of journal will open
  • in bottom of web page is link "List of participating Institutions with fulltext access"
  • window with libraries (countries) is open
    • these libraries have e- journal available 
  What is the use of this information?
  • you are able to find quickly wheather the title is in some czech (or foreign) library
  • if the title is available in other czech library is possible acquire article via ILL Library (print copy) e.g.
  • Information about all available titles in particular library -  you find same library in "Preferences" and click "by title"

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