Volume 66, Issue 6, 2017



Animal models in the research of abdominal aortic aneurysms development
Nikolaos Patelis, Demetrios Moris, Dimitrios Schizas, Christos Damaskos, Despina Perrea, Christos Bakoyiannis, Theodoros Liakakos, Sotiris Georgopoulos
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Original Articles

Cardiac morphofunctional characteristics of transgenic rats with overexpression of the bradykinin B1 receptor in the endothelium
Rozeli F. Levy, Andrey J. Serra, Ednei L. Antonio, Leonardo dos Santos, Danilo S. Bocalini, João B. Pesquero, Michael Bader, Vanessa F. Merino, Helenita Antonia de Oliveira, Eduardo Carvalho de Arruda Veiga, José Antonio Silva Jr., Paulo J. F. Tucci
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Evaluation of left and right ventricular systolic and diastolic electromechanical synchrony in older people: a population-based observational study
Roman Laszlo, Hannah Konz, Katia Kunz, Dhayana Dallmeier, Jochen Klenk, Michael Denkinger, Wolfgang Koenig, Dietrich Rothenbacher, Juergen Michael Steinacker
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Sensitivity to perioperative ischemia/reperfusion injury in male and female donor myocardium
Smetana M., Besik J., Netuka I., Maly J., Maluskova J., Lodererova A., Hoskova L., Franeková J., Pokorna E., Pirk J., Szarszoi O.
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Amino acid concentrations and protein metabolism of two types of rat skeletal muscle in postprandial state and after brief starvation
M. Holeček, S. Mičuda
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Role of exercise-induced calmodulin protein kinase (CAMK)II activation in the regulation of omega-6 fatty acids and lipid metabolism genes in rat skeletal muscle.
Jitcy S. Joseph, Ademola O. Ayeleso, Emmanuel Mukwevho
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Assessing muscular oxygenation during incremental exercise using near-infrared spectroscopy: comparison of three different methods
Nounagnon F. Agbangla, Michel Audiffren, Cédric T. Albinet
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Roles of miR-31 and endothelin-1 in psoriasis vulgaris: pathophysiological functions and potential biomarkers
L. Borska, C. Andrys, M. Chmelarova, H. Kovarikova, J. Krejsek, K. Hamakova, M. Beranek, V. Palicka, J. Kremlacek, P. Borsky, Z. Fiala
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The assessment of the serum C-peptide and plasma glucose levels by orally administered whey proteins in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Elena Wildová, Pavel Kraml, Jana Potočková, Pavel Dlouhý, Michal Anděl
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Uric acid contributes greatly to hepatic antioxidant capacity besides protein
Toshio Mikami, Makoto Sorimachi
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Dextran sodium sulphate (DSS)-induced colitis alters the expression of neurotrophins in smooth muscle cells of rat colon

Mohammad Al-Qudah, Doaa Abu Shammala, Ahmed Al-Dwairi, Othman Al-Shboul, Ayman G. Mustafa
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Vagotomy decreases the neuronal activities of medulla oblongata and alleviates neurogenic inflammation of airways induced by repeated intra-esophageal instillation of HCl in guinea pigs

Zhe Chen, Hui Chen, Fagui Chen, Dachuan Gu, Lejia Sun, Weitao Zhang, Linfeng Fan, Yong Lin, Rong Dong, Kefang Lai
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Sirt1 mediates improvement in cognitive defects induced by focal cerebral ischemia following hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning in rats
P. Ding, D. Ren, S. He, M. He, G. Zhang, Y. Chen, H. Sang, Z. Peng, W. Yan
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Theta burst stimulation in the treatment of chronic orofacial pain: a randomized controlled trial
Barbora Kohútová, Jitka Fricová, Monika Klírová, Tomáš Novák, Richard Rokyta
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Relation of plasma selenium and lipid peroxidation end products in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Zuzana Chmatalova, Martin Vyhnalek, Jan Laczo, Jakub Hort, Romana Pospisilova, Marta Pechova, Alice Skoumalova
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Rapid Communication

Ovarian steroid hormone secretion activity examined after supplementation of green tea extract.
S. Roychoudhury, M. Halenar, V. Tupa, K. Michalcova, S. Nath, M. Kacaniova, A. Kolesarova (Dept. Life Sci. Bioinformat., Assam Univ., Silchar, India, Dept. Anim. Physiol., Fac. Biotechnol. Food Sci., Slovak Univ. Agricult., Nitra, Slovak Republic)

Short Communications

Cardiac AT1 receptor-dependent and IGF1 receptor-independent signaling is activated by a single bout of resistance exercise
S.F.S.Melo,V.G.Barauna,T.Fernandes, E.C.Carmo, C.R.O.Carvalho, E.M. Oliveira
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Acrylamide-induced changes in femoral bone microstructure of mice
Anna Sarocka, Ramona Babosova, Veronika Kovacova, Radoslav Omelka, Magdalena Semla, Edyta Kapusta, Zofia Goc, Grzegorz Formicki, Monika Martiniakova
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