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    • link "www" =  access before paid content (full text e.g.)
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  • The contents of these electronic e-resources are copyrighted and licensed material.
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nahoru Fulltext databases - collections of journals
!! For access to ALL available journals - contained in the collections (e.g. Elsevier, Springer) and other accessible journals (subscribed) and free journals- use common access via ezb logo catalogue EZB

American Association for Cancer Research- AACR [fulltext] www info
American Physiological Society - APS [fulltext] www info
American Society for Microbiology - ASM [fulltext] www info
EBSCO [fulltext] www info   (fulltext mostly 12-month embargo)
Cell Press (via Science Direct) [fulltext] www info
Elsevier  (via Science Direct) [fulltext] www info   (fulltext from cca 1995)
Nature Publishing Group = SpringerNature
[fulltext] www info
Oxford Journals - STM Collection
[fulltext] www info
Proquest [fulltext] www info   (fulltext mostly 12-month embargo) 
SpringerLINK [fulltext] www info   (fulltext from cca 1997)
Wiley Online Library [fulltext] www info   (fulltext from cca 1997)

nahoru Other databases
Web of Science: [full access] info    Web of Science Traini
Journal Citation Reports [full access]    info

Scopus [full access] info
Pubmed [Pubmed- full access] info
    For direct download articles via Pubmed (free www) from subscribed journals it is necessary to use link [Pubmed- fulltext] = via EZProxy.
Ulrichsweb [full access] 


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