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Access to all accessible e-journals via  EZB 
catalogue or Pubmed
  • ezb logo EZB [full access] - via EZProxy server - complete offer of fulltext e-journals is located in this unique place - catalogue EZB (Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek)
    • the accessibility of each journal is indicated by the traffic light system of different colours
    • if you need to download subscribed fulltext journal (article) using EZB/Library, notice that it is possible only via proxy server
    • more information about EZB catalogue
  • EZB for the public  more info - via this access is not possible to download articles from subscribed journal (from free journals yes)
  • Pubmed [Pubmed full-text] - select this Pubmed proxy link if you want to access the Library full-text journals (articles) directly via PubMed
The colours of the traffic light signify (in catalogue EZB):
  • dostupne  access to full text articles is granted to library users  - library subscribed journals current year included - in this way are marked journals:
    1. individually subscribed (A-Z list)
    2. included in collections (Elsevier, Springer etc.)
  • dostupne s omezenim access to full text articles - Library subscribed journals with restriction
  • volne dostupne free access to full text articles
  • nedostupne no access to full texts for users of the SIC but tables of contents and abstracts are generally available free of charge
    • it is possible to find out, if a journal available in an other library

nahoru Offer of e-journals - other users (public) - browsing EZB cataloque
  • access to EZB for the public
  • not permitted to download articles from the Library subscribed e-journals, marked as dostupne
  • you can get an article: personal visit  or by Interlibrary loan
  • journals marked as volne dostupne are open access (free), it means that articles may be downloaded from any computer

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