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Seminář Farahdokht Nourisanami, M.Sc.

Posluchárna Milana Haška / Milan Hašek Auditorium

“Molecular mechanisms of proteoglycan-mediated semaphorin signaling in axon guidance” The precise assembly of a functional nervous system relies on axon guidance cues. Beyond engaging their cognate receptors and initiating signaling cascades that modulate cytoskeletal dynamics, guidance cues also bind components of the extracellular matrix, notably proteoglycans, yet the role and mechanisms of these interactions remain…

IEM CAS Distinguished Guest Seminar Series – Cyril Hanus

The dendrite’s sweet spot: Atypical glycosylation of the neuronal surface and impact on synaptic receptor trafficking, structure and function Lecturer: Cyril Hanus, PhD. / The Institute of Psychiatry and Neuroscience of Paris The seminar will take place on 30. 04. 2024 from 10:00 p.m. in the Turquoise Auditorium of the IEM CAS. Annotation: Like 75% of membrane proteins, neurotransmitter receptors and synaptic adhesion molecules…

IEM CAS μLectures Seminar Series: Confocal Microscopy

μLectures is a monthly seminar series designed to enhance researchers’ understanding of microscopy’s fundamental workings and principles. Each session, lasting 30 minutes, focuses on a specific concept or topic within microscopy. The practical information presented aims to deepen researchers’ comprehension of their microscopy experiments, giving them a better overview of the options available and enabling…

IEM CAS Institutional Seminar Series 05/2024

Monitoring of telomeres through colorectal adenomas to advanced stages of colorectal cancer Lecturer: Mgr. Kateřina Balounová / Department of the Molecular Biology of Cancer Annotation: Telomeres, repetitive sequences located at the ends of chromosomes, naturally shorten with ageing. Disruption in telomere biology is closely associated with the onset and progression of cancers, including colorectal carcinoma (CRC). Given…

Lectures of Laboratory of Developmental Cardiology

Kinosal Vídeńská 1083, Praha, Česká republika

Vevo 3100: The Short Story of a High-tech Upgrade Jaroslav Hrdlička, Laboratory of Developmental Cardiology, IPHYS   Cardioprotection: the role of HIF-1α and mitochondria Petra Alánová, Laboratory of Developmental Cardiology, IPHYS

Seminář Milan Reiniš, Ph.D.

Posluchárna Milana Haška / Milan Hašek Auditorium

“Targeting the STAT3 signaling pathway in cancer and senescence” STAT3 signaling pathway plays important roles in many cellular processes, such as cell differentiation, carcinogenesis, cellular senescence or regulation of the immune responses. The STAT3 molecule thus represents an attractive therapeutic target. However, its druggability is still questionable. We have tested a number of small molecules…

IEM CAS Entry Level Super-Resolution Microscopy

Basic Information The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of an “entry-level” super-resolution imaging methods based on the principle of Optical-Photon-Reassignment available in our facility at confocal microscopes Zeiss LSM880 with AiryScan and Olympus SpinSR10 with OSR. What is meant by “Entry-Level Super-Resolution Microscopy”? It is a group of methods that improve resolution by a factor of ~2…