Volume 54, Issue 6, 2005


Visual evoked potentials and event related potentials in congenitally deaf subjects.
J. Chlubnová, J. Kremláček, Z. Kubová, M. Kuba

Biochemical changes as enzymatic defense system of phenanthrene exposure in olive flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus.
J-H Jee, J-C Kang

Age-dependent relationship between the carotid intima-media thickness, baroreflex sensitivity, and the inter-beat interval in normotensive and hypertensive subjects.
R. Lábrová, N. Honzíková, E. Maděrová, P. Vysočanová, Z. Nováková, E. Závodná, B. Fišer, B. Semrád

Estimation of the left ventricular relaxation time constant τ requires consideration of the pressure asymptote.
S.F.J. Langer, H. Habazettl, W.M. Kuebler, A.R. Pries

Maternal plasma VEGF, sVEGF-R1, and PlGF concentrations in preeclamptic and normotensive pregnant Zimbabwean women.
M. Muy-Rivera, S. Vadachkoria, G.B. Woelk, Ch. Qiu, K. Mahomed, MA Williams

Antioxidant vitamin levels do not exhibit negative correlation with the extent of acute myocardial infarction.
V. Mužáková, P. Vojtíšek, M. Meloun, R. Vaňková, T. Roušar, Z. Červinková

Effect of melatonin on brain oxidative damage induced by traumatic brain injury in immature rats.
D. Ozdemir, N. Uysal, S. Gonenc, O. Acikgoz, A. Sonmez, A. Topcu, N. Ozdemir, M. Duman, I. Semin, H. Ozkan

Biological half-life of bromide in the rat depends primarily on the magnitude of sodium intake.
S. Pavelka, A. Babický, M. Vobecký

Cough and laryngeal muscle discharges in brainstem lesioned anaesthetized cats.
I. Poliaček, A. Stránsky, M. Szereda-Przestaszewska, J. Jakuš, H. Baráni, Z. Tomori, E. Halašová

Cross-generational effect of prenatal morphine exposure on neurobehavioral development of rat pups.
R. Šlamberová, M.A. Riley, I. Vathy

Negative inotropic effect of insulin in papillary muscles from control and diabetic rats.
J. Švíglerová, J. Kuncová, M. Štengl

The comparison of Ca2+/CaM-independent and Ca2+/CaM-dependent phosphorylation of myosin light chains by MLCK.
Z. Tang, H. Chen, J. Yang, S. Dai, Y. Lin

Relationship between maximal oxygen uptake and oxygenation level in inactive muscle at exhaustion in incremental exercise in humans.
T. Yano, M. Horiuchi, T. Yunoki, R. Matsuura, H. Ogata

Rapid Communication

Apolipoprotein AV variants don’t affect C-reactive Protein levels in caucasian males.
J.A. Hubáček, Z. Škodová, V. Lánská, P. Stávek, V. Adámková, R. Poledne

The effect of a unilateral muscle transplantation on the muscle fiber type and the myhc isoform content in unoperated hind limb slow and fast muscles of the inbred Lewis rats.
G. Zachařová, A. Vadászová, V. Smerdu, G. Asmussen, T. Soukup

Apoptosis as an early event in the development of multiple organ failure?
J. Pachl, F. Duška, P. Waldauf, M. Fric, J. Fanta, E. Zďárský

Sex-related differences in connexin-43 expression in left ventricles of aging rats.
N. Tribulová, E. Dupont, T. Soukup, L. Okruhlicová, N. Severs


Short Communication

Differences in anxiety-related behavior between apolipoprotein E-deficient C57BL/6 and wild type C57BL/6 mice.
C.S. McLachlan, C. Yi Xing Soh

This number was  issued in October 2005

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