Lubomir Kostal

Computational Neuroscience Group Leader
Institute of Physiology CAS
Videnska 1083
142 20 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 2 4106 2276
Fax: +420 2 4106 2488


Research interests

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Publications in journals

  1. Levakova M, Kostal L, Monsempes C, Jacob V, Lucas P (2018) Moth olfactory receptor neurons adjust their encoding efficiency to temporal statistics of pheromone fluctuations, PLoS Computational Biology, 14, e1006586, Full text.

  2. Kostal L, Lansky P, Stiber M (2018) Statistics of inverse interspike intervals: the instantaneous firing rate revisited, Chaos, 28, 106305, preprint (PDF), DOI link.

  3. Kostal L, D'Onofrio G (2018) Coordinate invariance as a fundamental constraint on the form of stimulus-specific information measures, Biological Cybernetics, 112, 13-23, preprint (PDF), DOI link.

  4. Rajdl K, Lansky P, Kostal L (2017) Entropy factor for randomness quantification in neuronal data, Neural Networks, 95, 57-65, Full text.

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  6. Levakova M, Tamborrino M, Kostal L, Lansky P (2016) Presynaptic spontaneous activity enhances the accuracy of latency coding, Neural Computation, 28, 2162-2180, preprint, DOI link.

  7. Kostal L (2016) Stimulus reference frame and neural coding precision, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 71, 22-27, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  8. Kostal L, Lansky P (2016) Coding accuracy on the psychophysical scale, Scientific Reports, 6, 23810, Full text.

  9. Kostal L, Shinomoto S (2016) Efficient information transfer by Poisson neurons, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 13, 509-520, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  10. Kostal L, Kobayashi R (2015) Optimal decoding and information transmission in Hodgkin-Huxley neurons under metabolic cost constraints, BioSystems, 136, 3-10, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

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  12. Kostal L, Lansky P (2015) Coding accuracy is not fully determined by the neuronal model, Neural Computation, 27, 1051-1057, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  13. Koyama S, Kostal L (2014) The effect of interspike interval statistics on the information gain under the rate coding hypothesis, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 11, 63-80, DOI link.

  14. Kostal L, Lansky P (2013) Information capacity and its approximations under metabolic cost in a simple homogeneous population of neurons, BioSystems, 112, 265-275, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

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  18. Kostal L (2012) Approximate information capacity of the perfect integrate-and-fire neuron using the temporal code, Brain Research, 1434, 136-141, DOI link.

  19. Kostal L, Lansky P, Pokora O (2011) Variability measures of positive random variables, PLoS ONE, 6, e21998, Full text.

  20. Kostal L (2010) Information capacity in the weak-signal approximation, Physical Review E, 82, 026115, DOI link, preprint (arXiv).

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  24. Kostal L, Lansky P, Rospars J-P (2008) Efficient olfactory coding in the pheromone receptor neuron of a moth, PLoS Computational Biology, 4, e1000053, Full text.

  25. Kostal L, Lansky P, Rospars J-P (2007) Review: Neuronal coding and spiking randomness, European Journal of Neuroscience, 26, 2693-2701, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

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Publications in books and peer-reviewed proceedings, editorials

  1. Christodoulou C, Kostal L, Buschges A (2017) Editorial, Special issue of BioSystems on Selected papers presented at the Twelveth International Workshop on Neural Coding, Cologne, Germany, 2016, BioSystems, 161, 1-2, DOI link.

  2. Kostal L, Lansky P, Pokora O (2012), How regular is neuronal activity?, in: ESANN 2012: The 20th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bruges, pp. 495-500, Full text.

  3. Kostal L, Lansky P, Rospars J-P (2008) The Adaptation of the Moth Pheromone Receptor Neuron to its Natural Stimulus, in: AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1028, Collective Dynamics: Topics on Competition and Cooperation in the Biosciences: A Selection of Papers in the Proceedings of the BIOCOMP2007 International Conference (eds. Ricciardi LM, Buonocore A, Pirozzi E), pp. 147-161, AIP, Melville, New York, DOI link.

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