Lubomir Kostal

Computational Neuroscience Group Leader
Institute of Physiology CAS
Videnska 1083
142 20 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 2 4106 2276
Fax: +420 2 4106 2488


Research interests

Publications in journals

  1. Lee H, Kostal L, Kanzaki R, Kobayashi R (2023) Spike frequency adaptation facilitates the encoding of input gradient in insect olfactory projection neurons, Biosystems, 223, 104802, DOI link (full text).

  2. Tomar R, Kostal L (2021) Variability and Randomness of the Instantaneous Firing Rate, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 15, 620410, DOI link (full text).

  3. Barta T, Kostal L (2021) Regular spiking in high conductance states: The essential role of inhibition, Physical Review E, 103, 022408, DOI link, preprint (arXiv).

  4. Rajdl K, Lansky P, Kostal L (2020) Fano factor: a potentially useful information, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 14, 569049, DOI link (full text).

  5. Ascione G, D'Onofrio G, Kostal L, Pirozzi E (2020) An optimal Gauss-Markov approximation for a process with stochastic drift and applications, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 130, 6481-6514, DOI link, preprint (arXiv).

  6. Barta T, Kostal L (2019) The effect of inhibition on rate code efficiency indicators, PLoS Computational Biology, 15, e1007545, DOI link (full text).

  7. Kostal L, Kobayashi R (2019) Critical size of neural population for reliable information transmission, Physical Review E Rapid Communications, 100, 050401(R), DOI link, preprint (PDF), supplementary material (PDF).

  8. Levakova M, Kostal L, Monsempes C, Lucas P, Kobayashi R (2019) Adaptive integrate-and-fire model reproduces the dynamics of olfactory receptor neuron responses in moth, Journal of The Royal Society Interface, 16, 20190246, DOI link (full text).

  9. Levakova M, Kostal L, Monsempes C, Jacob V, Lucas P (2018) Moth olfactory receptor neurons adjust their encoding efficiency to temporal statistics of pheromone fluctuations, PLoS Computational Biology, 14, e1006586, DOI link (full text).

  10. Kostal L, Lansky P, Stiber M (2018) Statistics of inverse interspike intervals: the instantaneous firing rate revisited, Chaos, 28, 106305, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  11. Kostal L, D'Onofrio G (2018) Coordinate invariance as a fundamental constraint on the form of stimulus-specific information measures, Biological Cybernetics, 112, 13-23, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  12. Rajdl K, Lansky P, Kostal L (2017) Entropy factor for randomness quantification in neuronal data, Neural Networks, 95, 57-65, DOI link (full text).

  13. Levakova M, Tamborrino M, Kostal L, Lansky P (2017) Accuracy of rate coding: When shorter time window and higher spontaneous activity help, Physical Review E, 95, 022310, DOI link, preprint.

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  16. Kostal L, Lansky P (2016) Coding accuracy on the psychophysical scale, Scientific Reports, 6, 23810, DOI link (full text).

  17. Kostal L, Shinomoto S (2016) Efficient information transfer by Poisson neurons, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 13, 509-520, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  18. Kostal L, Kobayashi R (2015) Optimal decoding and information transmission in Hodgkin-Huxley neurons under metabolic cost constraints, BioSystems, 136, 3-10, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

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  22. Kostal L, Lansky P (2013) Information capacity and its approximations under metabolic cost in a simple homogeneous population of neurons, BioSystems, 112, 265-275, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  23. Kostal L, Lansky P, McDonnell MD (2013) Metabolic cost of neuronal information in an empirical stimulus-response model, Biological Cybernetics, 107, 355-365, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  24. Kostal L, Lansky P, Pokora O (2013) Measures of statistical dispersion based on Shannon and Fisher information concepts, Information Sciences, 235, 214-223, DOI link, preprint (PDF).

  25. Kostal L, Pokora O (2012) Nonparametric estimation of information-based measures of statistical dispersion, Entropy, 14, 1221-1233, DOI link (full text).

  26. Kostal L (2012) Approximate information capacity of the perfect integrate-and-fire neuron using the temporal code, Brain Research, 1434, 136-141, DOI link, preprint (PDF), supplementary material (PDF).

  27. Kostal L, Lansky P, Pokora O (2011) Variability measures of positive random variables, PLoS ONE, 6, e21998, DOI link (full text).

  28. Kostal L (2010) Information capacity in the weak-signal approximation, Physical Review E, 82, 026115, DOI link, preprint (arXiv).

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Publications in books and peer-reviewed proceedings, editorials

  1. Christodoulou C, Kostal L, Sacerdote L (2020) Editorial, Special issue of BioSystems on Selected papers presented at the Thirteenth International Workshop on Neural Coding, Torino, Italy, 2018, BioSystems, 187, 104049, DOI link.

  2. Kostal L, Sacerdote L, Tamborrino M (2019) Special Issue: Neural Coding 2018, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 16, 8214-8216, DOI link.

  3. Christodoulou C, Kostal L, Buschges A (2017) Editorial, Special issue of BioSystems on Selected papers presented at the Twelveth International Workshop on Neural Coding, Cologne, Germany, 2016, BioSystems, 161, 1-2, DOI link.

  4. Kostal L, Lansky P, Pokora O (2012), How regular is neuronal activity?, in: ESANN 2012: The 20th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning, Bruges, pp. 495-500, full text (PDF).

  5. Kostal L, Lansky P, Rospars J-P (2008) The Adaptation of the Moth Pheromone Receptor Neuron to its Natural Stimulus, in: AIP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 1028, Collective Dynamics: Topics on Competition and Cooperation in the Biosciences: A Selection of Papers in the Proceedings of the BIOCOMP2007 International Conference (eds. Ricciardi LM, Buonocore A, Pirozzi E), pp. 147-161, AIP, Melville, New York, DOI link.

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